You will come across one almost rude curiosity at Church of St. James. If you look at the church from the south side, you will see a bare bottom at the top of the Gothic window. It is said that the clergy of St. Peters did not like those of St. James, and vice versa. So you can imagine how much tension there was when the two places of workship were being built.

The St. Peters clergy had more money, but those of St. James had a better builder, who had gained more experience working abroad. The builder was quite a lad and was very popular not only on the building site, but also amongst the city burghers. The building work at St. Peters fell behind schedule and people began to say that St. James would be finished long before St. Peters. Therefore the St. Peters clergy, who were far more powerful, forced the stone mason to leave the St. James site. Before he left, however, he was allowed to complete the work he was doing on the Gothic window. All at St. James were thrilled when they saw how the stone mason had revenged himself on the clergy of St. Peters. And this sweet revenge took the form of a bare bottom sticking out at those that had forced him out of the city. Come with us to the second largest city in Czech Republic in your very own limousine.