Wencelas III, the last Bohemian king, of the Přemyslid dynasty, was apparently a very talented youngster. For all that, however, he was a typical teenager and there are all sorts of stories about his rather wild typically adolescent behavior. At the age of 12 he was crowned King of Hungary. In 1305, his father Wenslas II died, leaving him further two kingdoms – those of Bohemia and Poland.

Surrounded by enemies, he decided to give up the Hungarian crown and concentrate on holding on to power in Poland. In the summer of 1306, at age of 16, he set out with his army to liquidate the Polish claimant to the throne, Wladyslaw Lokietok.

He reached the town of Olomouc at the beginning of August, where he wanted to make the last stop on home territory. And that sealed his fate. On August 4, 1306, someone managed to enter his bedroom in the palace and kill him while he was resting. Who killed Wenceslas III and why remain two unanswered questions. All we know is that he had so many enemies, he should have been a little more careful. But then you know what teenagers are like! If you travel from Prague to Olomouc with our professional driver, don’t forget to visit a Přemyslid palace where the Přemyslid kingdom came to its final end after ruling Bohemia for over 450 years.