Jan Kašpar is one of the most famous Czech pilots. It was he that piloted the very first Czech aero plane. He came from Pardubice, studied at Prague Technical University and first started work at a factory making components for airships. He dreamed of flying himself, and because even the cheapest airship was far too expensive for him to buy, he decided to build his own flying machine, just like the Brothers Wright did.

His first flight, which was over a distance of two kilometers, was on April 16, 1910, a mere seven years after the first flight conducted by Wilbur and Orville. This day is regarded as the birthday of Czech aeronautics. On May 13, 1911, he carried out his historic flight from Pardubice to Prague. Don’t hesitate to contact us, arrange for a private car and driver to explore more about the intricacies of Pardubice and its delicious gingerbread tradition.