Pilsen might not posses any magical mineral water, but it does have its world-famous and very healthy beer. If you visit the Brewery museum there, you will find a barrel made from honey-colored glass in the curiosity department. This was used to transport Pilsner beer to the Vatican in the 19th century. You see, the Pope at that time considered authentic Pilsner beer as a medicine to cure certain of his ailments.

Also interesting is the massive beer mug carved out of one piece of wood. This was made by a skilled Russian who obviously had a lot of time to spare during his stay in Siberia. You can also see the smallest barrel in the world. It holds just 1cm3 of beer, i.e. just enough to inebriate a sparrow. It was made by a cooper called František Stejskal using the same technology used to make full-size barrels. During the excursion in many and many of the local pubs you will taste lots of kinds of beer, but don’t worry your personal chauffer will take you back to the hotel safely.