What has Strakonice in common with the moai on Easter Island and Stonehenge in Southwest England? The answer has to do with replicas, and specifically Pavel Pavel, who is a kind of replica in himself as few people in Europe have a forename that is the copy of their surname. You see, it was Pavel Pavel, an enterprising engineer from Strakonice, who solved the mystery as to how the moia statues “walked” around Easter Island.

In the end he showed how just 17 people were needed to make the statue “walk”. That was in 1982. Four years later, he was invited to join a Thor Heyerdahl expedition to Easter Island itself to repeat his experiment, this time using an original statue. And guess what! He was again successful. Pavel Pavel, however, was not satisfied just with solving the mystery of walking moia statues. He also solved the even older mystery of how the lintels or capstones were placed on the uprights at Stonehenge. This is why you can see a life-size replica of part Stonehenge on the left bank of the River Otava. And at the risk of repeating ourselves, we invite you to come to Strakonice with our driver to see for yourself.