Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is located about 60 kilometers east of Prague. Thanks to its wealth it became the second most important town of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Today, the city is designated as a world heritage site, protected by UNESCO.

What to visit:

The most famous and significant monument is the Cathedral of St. Barbora, constructed by wealthy burghers of the town. Its main architect was Jan Parler, son of the famous Petr Parler, who was responsible for Saint Vitus’s Cathedral at Prague Castle.

The building echoes the design of famous cathedrals in France, with multiple Gothic elements. The interior of the cathedral is covered in frescoes on the theme of mining, coin-stamping techniques and scenes from the life of the Queen of Sheba.

In the city center you can visit the Italian court – a fortified building which was used as the Royal Mint. Many of Europe’s most widely-used coins, including the Prague groschen were minted here. Other notable attractions include the baroque Plague column, a gothic stone fountain and the Stone house. 

On the edge of the town, in Sedlec, is an ossuary, or „bone church“, whose interior is decorated with chandeliers, crosses, monstrances and garlands fashioned from human bones and skulls dating from the Hussite wars of the 15th century.

You can visit all these attractions with our English-speaking driver.

Kutna Hora in Pictures